Seminar on Dutch Experience in Transport Biofuels to Ukraine Ukraine learns NL Experience in Transport Biofuels

December 18, the PIB Biobased Energy Ukraine delivered a seminar on Dutch Experience in Transport Biofuels to Ukraine government officers engaged in biobased energy promotion. The seminar was held within the G2G component of the PIB Biobased Energy Ukraine in a close cooperation with the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine (SAEE) and the Dutch Embassy.
The seminar was attended by bioenergy experts from SAEE, Ukraine Ministry of Agriculture, Ukraine Ministry of Ecology, Ukraine Ministry of Coal and Energy, Ukraine Ministry of Regional Development and Housing, Ukrspyrt and Ukraine Forestry Committee.
Kees Kwant, Senior Expert Bioenergy and Biobased Economy from the NL Agency (Ministry of Economy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands) shared the experience of the Netherlands and European countries in application of biofuels in transport sector. Dutch and Ukrainian counterparts discussed biofuel policies, stimulation mechanisms, biofuel supply chains and sustainability issues.
Ukraine renewable energy experts were keen to learn the Dutch experience in transport biofuels, since the biofuel blend mandate in the Netherlands is one of the highest in EU and this year reaches 7.75%, next year it will go up to 8.5%.
Dutch companies have many successful examples of the industrial production of liquid biofuels. PIB Biobased Energy Ukraine unites Dutch companies active in various sectors of bioenergy solutions, including among other liquid biofuels, like bioethanol and pyrolysis oil.
Next year PIB Biobased Energy Ukraine plans to have an incoming mission for renewable energy experts from Ukraine to the Netherlands.