DSD B.V. (Dutch Sustainable Development) is an independent company who’s mission is to provide technical support and services in the Agri-Food & Bio-Fuel Industry as well as to contribute in the development of multi agri-based business parks. DSD is independent also in view to suppliers of seeds, chemicals, fertilizers, equipment or contractors. DSD the partner for the preparation of detailed cost & benefit calculations for mentioned projects and / or to prepare business plans. Besides these activities, DSD possesses the know-how to support with subsidy applications, attract financing and investors and to support on other financial, legal and organizational aspects.

DSD is capable to offer her unique capabilities to establish local partnerships and cooperating with local partners and connections to organize and manage factories for the production of bio-fuels, such as bio-diesel and bio-ethanol (via Direct Processing with Betaprocess).
DSD is the linking pin and concept developer between the Agricultural and Chemical industry and a specialist for the entire chain.

Contact person: Hans van Klink
Position: Director Project Development
Telephone: + 31 113 621074
Mobile phone: + 316 5 3404 721
E-mail: hans@dsdbv.com
Skype: hans.van.klink
Web: www.dsdbv.com, www.betaprocess.eu