BTG-BTL has its roots about 25 years ago at the University of Twente in The Netherlands where our biomass fast pyrolysis technology was first invented.We patented this technology and improved it, which resulted in our Empyro plant, one of the largest in the world.
In the Netherlands the Empyro biomass pyrolysis plant was officially opened in May 2015. It produces heat, power and fuel oil from biomass (wood residues) by applying pyrolysis, an innovative technology in which sand is used to quickly heat biomass in absence of oxygen. At Empyro every hour 5 tons of biomass is converted into 3.5 tons of pyrolysis oil. The plant uses the rest to produce electricity and to produce steam, which is supplied to the neighbouring facility of AkzoNobel. It is one of the first plants in the world to demonstrate biomass pyrolysis on a commercial scale. The project is a prelude to a further rollout of this innovative technology.
The oil is transported via a tank truck to global dairy firm Royal FrieslandCampina, located 30 km away. Here the 20 million liters of pyrolysis oil that Empyro produces annually replaces 10 million cubic meters of natural gas, the equivalent annual consumption of 8,000 Dutch households.
Besides wood, the technology is also suitable for a large variety of other non-food biomass types. In Ukraine the use of sunflower husks to produce pyrolysis oil can be a good investment. BTG-BTL is interested in talking to Ukrainian companies who have large amounts of biomass, such as wood and agro-residues, specifically sunflower husks, and who are looking to diversify their energy supply. Also companies who have large oil- or gas fired boilers can greatly benefit from switching to pyrolysis oil produced in Ukraine.

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