Biobased Projects in Ukraine


Facilitating the implementation of green energy projects in Ukraine PIB has organized and run the Biobased Projects Business Development and Investments Workshop in Kyiv on November 22.

The workshop created a platform for over 65 project developers, agricultural companies and potential investors to exchange their expertise and learn best practices in formulating bankable business cases.  Event agenda covered a crash course on developing bankable projects by Saxion University and two leading financiers specialized in green projects finance in Ukraine: EBRD and UkrGasBank. Key criteria named by investors to consider a project case bankable:

  • feedstock supply (secured sourcing, quality and price),
  • offtake of the output products (heat, electricity, fuels),
  • cost effective conversion technologies.

Showcasing a real life examples of successful projects PIB members together with their local partners presented renewable heat, biogas and biofuel projects, based on application of

  • KARA fuel biomass boilers by Ukrteplo (local partner in Ukraine),
  • DSD sugar beet processing for bioethanol by Astarta (potential investor),
  • HoSt biogass installations by Pro-Energy (local partner in Ukraine).

The workshop has been organized by PIB Biobased Energy Ukraine together with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ukraine, State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine (SAEE),  Bioenergy Association of Ukraine (UABio) and Ukrainian Agribusiness Club (UCAB).


  1. Introduction of Partners for International Business project: Biobased Energy Ukraine – Hans van Klink,  Project Coordinator (download presentation engukr)
  2. Current State and Prospects of Bioenergy Development in Ukraine – Georgii Geletukha, Bioenergy association of Ukraine (download presentation eng | ukr)
  3. Flash course Business Development: with instruction to the potential project developers in the future – Frank Stiksma, Saxion University of Applied Sciences (download presentation engukr)
  4. Financing bioenergy projects: EBRD experience – Oleksandr Nikolaenko, EBRD (download presentation engukr)
  5. Financing eco-projects on biofuels – Rodion Morozov, UkrGasBank (download presentation engukr)
  6. Dutch Trade and Investment Fund – Kees Kwant, RVO (download presentation engukr)
  7. Implementing a bioenergy project: experience of a company – Yevgen Lukashevych, Yuzefo-Mykolayivska Biogas Company (download presentation engukr)
  8. Business case DSD BV – Oleksiy Krivolapov, Astarta (download presentation engukr)
  9. Business case of a Biogas complex for power production from biogas 2.57 MW – Oleg Yovzhenko, Pro-Energy (download presentation engukr)
  10. Business case of re-equipment of municipal gas boiler houses with Kara biomass boilers in Rivne oblast – Borys Rachynsky, UkrTeplo (download presentation engukr)
  11. Business case Direct Processing with Betaprocess – Hans van Klink, DSD BV (download presentation engukr)
  12. Feedback general recommendations from workshop participants (download presentation engukr)

Full Event Report